Friday, April 15, 2016

Field tripping

Today I strapped the little kids in the stroller and we walked behind Claire's kindergarten class in a field trip to the local cemetery. That might sound a little creepy, but our local cemetery is 150 years old and has some amazing memorials and monuments. 

Herman Melville 

Joseph Pulitzer

And Elizabeth Cady Stanton

It was quite chilly as we started off and I felt like a terrible mother because my kids were only wearing hoodies, but by lunch time the temp was up to 65.  I chatted with some of the other parents, and when we first started out we were saying that when you look at 50 Kindergartners it doesn't look like that many people. 

By the end of the trip we all agreed that it looked like a lot more people than it had at the beginning 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


When I was 4-years old, the cabin we shared with some family friends had a mouse problem. My family loves to tell the story of my dad emptying out mouse traps with me following behind him saying,"dad, they're sorry. They won't do that again." I hated to see the mice get in trouble (little did my preschooler mind understand the consequence of mice getting in trouble which was an awful, poisoned death) just for coming I I the cabin.

This week I caught 2 mice in my electrocution trap.

My 37-year old self doesn't feel any differently about killing mice than my 4-year old self. I hate killing things, but I also hate mice poop in my baking dishes so it's a compromise. 

And on a lighter, unrelated note. Millie is teaching me a little bit about living her best life. Here she is after having dumped out a whole bag of trail mix just to eat the M&Ms.  At 8 am. The quest for chocolate can't start too early or be dissuaded by too many peanuts, almonds or raisins. 

Monday, March 28, 2016


We spent this Easter with our cousins in Boston.

We had loads of fun. And Uncle Tad taught us an important Easter ritual--using whopper eggs as lipstick. 

No one was fighting in the back seat and we turned around to see this.  He had also put "lipstick" all over his sister.

Just because I love this picture.

So many babies in a stroller

Stylist for hire

Last week Millie was outside for some bubble blowing dressed in her finest rain boots, Mardi Gras beads, and life vest. You know. Because water safety is a real concern of hers


This picturing the moment that Noah realized that the eggs we were coloring for Easter didn't have anything inside them but egg. 

Millie was the official egg taster and dropper

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Okay. They're not rats.  They're mice. And I will admit that it's possible that there is only one of them. But he's a tricky one so it seems like he shou be considered in the plural. 

Last week he escaped from a sticky trap twice (proof above. You can see a fur outline and soooo much poop. Maybe sticky traps, peanut butter and chocolate chips are the trick to mouse poop production) so I pulled out the big guns and bought one of those traps that electrocutes the mouse when he steps on it. That was 2 days ago. No mouse yet

I'm only slightly deterred by the factthat the   instructions assured me that mice were easy to catch and that only rats represent a real problem. Maybe we just breed smarter mice around here.