Saturday, August 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Little Man

Noah is 1.  Can you believe it?  We opted for a smaller party than we had when Claire turned 1 (partially because we don't have as many friends and partially because we don't have a courtyard to play in) but we still did our best to let Noah know that we love him.  We tried to focus on what Noah loves best--things that move.

that orange smudge above Allison's head is one of those helicopters that you roll in your hands.  Noah loves them but he clearly loves Allison too.

Painting wooden cars

We decided that we hadn't had enough painting so we moved it out to the balcony and painted a big box.

Does it get cuter than this?

Grandma sent a package that included finger flash lights.  They were a major hit.

I am not the kind of girl to have a party where you have treats that go along with a theme (for instance mini chocolate donuts could have been labeled "spare tires.")  We had cheese and crackers for kids and fancy cheese and crackers for adults, veggies and watermelon.  Add cupcakes and this awesome trifle and boom.  Birthday done.

And last but not least we may have the greatest picture of Noah ever taken.

Happy Birthday Buddy.  I can not believe it's been a whole year?

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Selfie

We spend a lot of time around here trying to perfect the selfie. It's great entertainment on long train rides or car trips.  

I have to say we're getting pretty good

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Crying Game

Reasons she has cried today. 
1) she is not a mermaid
2) I dared suggest (in an attempt to calm her) that mermaids are not real
3) she peed her pants
4) after said pant incident she did not want to put on new pants
5) I told her we could not go to the park without pants
6) she took so long crying about pants that we couldn't go to the park because it was bath time
7) bath time

Is it bedtime yet?  I am currently in a self-imposed time-out while dad helps them clean up the living room 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I've been thinking a lot about perfection.  I hope it doesn't sound sac religious but I have to admit that these days it isn't my favorite religious philosophy. I think that the quest to perfection is noble and important but sometimes...sometimes I don't want to be perfect. I just want to be good enough.  I get tired of the push to always be a little better.

Today was one of those days.

Lucky for you I took pictures

Look at these adorable kids painting

Do not look at the state of my house.  {I took a broader shot to help you get the full scope} 

Pay no attention to the fact that Noah's painting mostly involves eating the dotters.

Look at me taking my kids to the Museum of Natural History.  

And now look at them spending more time climbing on this statue outside the museum than looking at anything inside.  {And look at those dirty dirty feet!  My gosh}

And now the most horrific admission of the whole day. Today I took the time to put on sneakers with my yoga pants before we went to the library in hopes that other people would think I was a sporty mom and not just a lazy mom.  

My house was still messy when I kissed my kids good night {almost an hour late but as I mentioned we're not keeping score} but I thanked Claire for
coming to the museum with me and I told her I had a great time. She smiled a drowsy smile and said, me too.

If that's as perfect as it gets I will take it--all of it; The messy houses, the sneakers and yoga pants, the tantrums and the drowsy kisses and smiles.


And, in an incredible stroke of luck I found the site of my next date night with Nathan. {who am I kidding, after finding a place like this can I even begin to suggest that this day wasn't perfect?  Oh wait, full fledged tantrum on the 1 train-yikes}

Monday, August 12, 2013

An Edit

The two little girls who spend a lot of time here aren't really the most mannered of girls.  We've had to set up a couple of rules in order for me to keep my sanity.
1) If you lie to me you go straight home
2) If you lie to your mom while I can hear it (ie while you are screaming at her from my balcony) you go straight home
3) You can't just come over looking for snacks and something fun to do.  If we're doing something we will call and invite you over.

and last but not least, this gem I found on Pinterest

Last week Claire was talking to me and said, "no yelling unless there is a fire {I agreed, a long pause ensued} or monsters.  You can yell if there are monsters too."

Last night she added one last amendment.  So now our rule is,

No yelling in the home unless there is a fire,
Or monsters,
Or dinosaurs.

Seems fair.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Oh New York

I did not even know this was a possibility.

Or really even a need.

But seriously, now that I share a neighborhood with 2 skunks and a family of possums (and who knows how many rats) I'm convinced that it's an awesome idea

How Life Looks These Days

Today the windows are open and our curtains are blowing in a cool breeze.  

On Monday we opened and closed our day with trips to the park. Though with my kids you may as well call them trips to the swings.

And running back and forth between two swinging babies giving underdogs and tickling chubby legs seemed sunshiny.  And that felt nice