Friday, October 18, 2013

This week

This week.  Oh, this week.  We have been blessed with warm days, cool nights and perfect slanted light.  The leaves are just starting to change and vibrant oranges, reds and yellows are scattered among the green.

Don't worry. We have taken advantage.  

And we have guests which always helps.

Pretty much, a perfect week.

Except for this

And when Noah took a nose dive from his crib onto Claire's bed frame.  He still looks a little bit like he lost a fight.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Today we did everything in our power to firmly cement ourselves in the yuppy camp. That's right--apple and pumpkin picking at a farm upstate.  And donuts of course, you can't take on that kind of activity without donuts.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The stuff dreams (and nightmares) are made of

You know what takes you average paper Halloween decorations from the dollar store and turns them into the kind of thing that will keep children up at night?

Googly eyes.  

Take this cute paper pumpkin cut-out

And bam!

Just like that we've ensured that Claire won't sleep through the night for the next month

The eyes on teeth?  That's nightmare material people.

Last night we went to the dollar store and it was already pretty well cleaned out. We did find crepe paper, the last pack of pumpkin cut-outs and googly eyes.  Luckily that was enough.

For those of you who want to recreate the look I just used hot glue.  If you have dark pictures (like most of mine) you may need to slip some white paper behind the crepe paper so that you can see (which is what I did on that second picture). 

I will also suggest that the eyes are best if glued on by someone aged 3-4 who has no set concept of how far apart eyes are--or even that they typically come in pairs. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Preschool Coop

As of this week we are officially ensconced in our very own preschool coop.  I finally wrangled 2 other moms (one of them has twins so there are 4 kids total) to do it with me (well there's Noah too so 5 kids--and can you see how Noah worships Eli?  He follows him around.  Claire also loves Eli and constantly wants to hold his hand).

Here we are making a "T" which was the letter of the week. (And can we please give Claire snaps for the zebra print and plaid combo?  That girl is a sartorial risk taker)

I could not be more pleased.