Friday, February 26, 2016

Photo dump

I've had pics and stories ready to post for weeks. They're all just coming at once. 

Matching hair day

Valentine's Day.  (Yes we practice King Fu on Valentine's. Don't you?) That last pic is when I attempted to make chocolate covered cinnamon bears. I know it sounds weird, but they are amazingly delicious. I almost had them right. Next year.

My brother and his family came to visit and we had such a lovely time. We took them to Washington Square Park on a Saturday which is a guaranteed good time.

We also forced them to play 1 million rounds of Uno.

100th day of school party. 

And finally, two artists and the cutest pig tails you have ever seen

Monday, February 8, 2016


Did you know the highest YouTube earner in the world is a woman with perfectly manicured nails who opens kids toys and plays with them?  You never see her face or body, just her hands. There are hundreds of people who review toys. Some of them do it with their kids, but most of them are adults who know the name of every Hotwheels car.  

You might be thinking, what is the target audience? Who on earth would watch that?

Right there. That's it. 

How we watch the Super Bowl

This is the selfie I took at 10:00 last night. See that smiling, giggly baby?  We have church right during nap time and it basically messes up everything. 

I feel good about the game. I'm firmly on team BeyoncĂ©, so luckily my team always wins. 

Road Trip

Saturday afternoon we took a road trip to Ikea. Now, ikea is only 37 minutes from my house so some of you may be questioning the term "road trip" but trust me, by minute 10  the parents were questioning our decision to go at all, and by minute 27 we were counting down Siri's estimated minutes until arrival. The kids were anxiously awaiting Siri estimating the same number of minutes as their age. At 5 minutes (Claire's age) until arrival they erupted into chanting "5,5,5,5" which lasted until it switched to 4. At 3 minutes (Noah's age) until arrival the chant was repeated. At 1 (Millie's age) they decided that instead of chanting "1" they would just say "da da" over and over, because Millie can't say 1 but she can say "da da."  All three of them chanted for all of minute 37. It was the best minute of the whole trip.

Here is Millie climbing the stairs during dance class. I call this her "Drew Carey" dress because I swear she looks just like Mimi in it.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Museum

Friday afternoon we veered off the path of sane people and drove 45 minutes to Connecticut after school in order to spend an hour at a little children's museum there. 

The kids fought the whole way there and the whole way home. 

But dang, they love it there. 

Was it worth the drive? Hard to say. Will we do it again? Yes.