Friday, November 14, 2014

A modern-day horror story

Once upon this morning I went upstairs to feed the baby. Twenty minutes later Claire came up. She was totally naked. Noah was right on her heels splattered with paint. 

Here is a transcript of the terrifying conversation we had.

Me: what were you guys doing?

Claire: painting.

Me: Where did you get the paint?

Claire: The paint box.

Me: (panic rising in my voice) Where did you get the brushes? 

Claire: We didn't use brushes. We used our hands. 

Me: how did you get clean?

Claire: We washed in the bathroom. Noah painted the door.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Reason Noah is Crying

Reason Noah is Crying: I won't let him poop in the bathtub

Lucky for us Noah announces his intentions to misbehave ("I hit her" is a phrase we hear daily at our house).

A post 9 months and 5 weeks in the making

Miss Amelia Eve joined our family just about 5 weeks ago.  

It was a rough delivery and recovery but I almost feel back to myself.  She was nearly 9 lbs and 21.5 inches long.  She also felt like she needed to come out all at once (head, shoulders and torso all emerged on the same push).

We are adjusting to adding a third.  It hasn't exactly been an easy transition, but no one has ever felt like Amelia wasn't part of our family.  The kids LOVE her.  Noah talks about his baby sister almost constantly and they fight over who gets to hold her.  The hard adjustment has mostly been figuring out how to divide my time and attention and adjusting to the fact that I get almost no time to myself (I'm lucky to get 45 minutes the whole day long) but Amelia isn't the problem.

She is lovely and cooing (in between coughing and snorting. When you live with a 2-year old a cold in the first 3 weeks of life isn't uncommon and they doctor told me they typically last 2 weeks.  Heaven help us) and she just started smiling. The big kids now have a whole new reason to fight: who makes Amelia smile more.

Welcome to the world baby A