Saturday, August 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Little Man

Noah is 1.  Can you believe it?  We opted for a smaller party than we had when Claire turned 1 (partially because we don't have as many friends and partially because we don't have a courtyard to play in) but we still did our best to let Noah know that we love him.  We tried to focus on what Noah loves best--things that move.

that orange smudge above Allison's head is one of those helicopters that you roll in your hands.  Noah loves them but he clearly loves Allison too.

Painting wooden cars

We decided that we hadn't had enough painting so we moved it out to the balcony and painted a big box.

Does it get cuter than this?

Grandma sent a package that included finger flash lights.  They were a major hit.

I am not the kind of girl to have a party where you have treats that go along with a theme (for instance mini chocolate donuts could have been labeled "spare tires.")  We had cheese and crackers for kids and fancy cheese and crackers for adults, veggies and watermelon.  Add cupcakes and this awesome trifle and boom.  Birthday done.

And last but not least we may have the greatest picture of Noah ever taken.

Happy Birthday Buddy.  I can not believe it's been a whole year?


  1. No, I can't believe it. Happy birthday, Noah!

  2. Aghhhhh!! Last picture FOR THE WIN! Happy birthday, Noah!

  3. Wow! One year already! I'm barely catching up with my blog. Posting newborn pics and David's already 7 months! Time flies! Miss you.

  4. That last picture, priceless! Love it. Happy Birthday Noah, we sure do love you :)

  5. Umm Noah is too stinkin cute! Wish Farrell & I could have come to his party... that is if we lived in NY or something :). I finally did another post which dates back 22 months ago but hey we all can't be as awesome as you! Thanks for all the good post Sallee!