Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How Life Looks These Days

Today the windows are open and our curtains are blowing in a cool breeze.  

On Monday we opened and closed our day with trips to the park. Though with my kids you may as well call them trips to the swings.

And running back and forth between two swinging babies giving underdogs and tickling chubby legs seemed sunshiny.  And that felt nice


  1. What Are Underdogs? I'm Sure Max Would Love It If I knew.

    1. You probably already do them and just call them something else. I'll only do them when Claire is in a baby swing because I get too scared for her (and my own head). You get your kid going really high in the swing then, when they are going at a good clip you grab hold of the back of the swing when it's at it's highest peak in the back. You then push the swing (straight arms help here) and run forward at the same time so that you end up running under the swing and pushing your kid the whole way.

      If you are not doing this already be prepared to be the most popular mom at the park. Kids will be lining up to have you push them