Saturday, April 9, 2011

You only turn 1 once...and if you do it right that's enough.

Friday our little lady turned one.  Both of her grandmas came to celebrate with us and we had lots of fun. 

Claire having a photo shoot with one grandma

And stealing the food off of the plate of her other grandma.

She was appropriately spoiled by both of them and we were sad to have them go.

Some pre-party pictures.

A freezer stuffed with capri suns and cupcakes

Balloons, Balloons
and more balloons (we followed the balloon rule that we learned at our Valentine's Party.  
Kids care about quantity over quality.)

medals for anyone who attempted the obstacle course 
(york patties for kids, baby num-nums for babies) 

During the party we read the very hungry caterpillar, ran an obstacle course, ate cupcakes and ran around like crazy. Short, kid friendly and we sent extra cupcakes home with the kids. Perfect.

Claire, emerging triumphant from the balloon table
(this was the highlight of the whole event and kids of every age loved it.
You should make it part of your next kid party.)

We topped our balloon table with an homage to our hungry caterpillar friend.

Claire wanting to cry a little bit while people are singing Happy Birthday 

Birthday Cake

And our own afterparty. 
Our friends brought original artwork
and Claire is enjoying the spoils.


  1. Sallee you are possibly THE coolest mom I know. I've always dreamed of having a room filled with balloons in my honor. Claire is one lucky little lady! Awesome job on the cake by the way.

  2. You put me to SHAME! Shame, I tell you!

  3. A)I totally stalk your blog. B)I think you are hilariously funny. C)That was the best kiddie party I have ever been to. Seriously. It was Easton's first but he will be hard-pressed to attend anything better. Simple and AWESOME.

  4. Sallee! I think I've read your entire blog. I really love you.

    Also, you are awesome for so many things, but this party is one of them. Because #1, it was really awesome and looked great, and #2, it doesn't seem like you killed yourself or spent a million dollars all for a party she won't remember. It looks like the perfect balance.

    And I'm not a little kid, but this made me feel like one, because I was so envious of all those balloons. I seriously want to go buy 5,000 of them and fill my house.

  5. Erin - If you do buy the balloons, I am not sure you HT will be available to help you fill and tie them. My fingers still hurt from helping tie all those baloons.