Monday, April 4, 2011

Date Night

On Friday night the hubbs and I went out to dinner by ourselves.  On a date.  It was the first time that's happened in more than a year.  We went to a movie right after we moved to San Diego but other than that we haven't been on a real date where you sit and talk to one another since before Claire was born.  When I mentioned that to one of our friends she said, "Don't you love it? Doesn't it make you feel so young again? My husband and I don't even like movies but I love to go to the movies because I feel like that's where all of the young people go."

She is exactly right.

And if you want to go where all of the hip Asians in San Diego go (seriously--I don't know what happened but we were surrounded on all sides by hip Asians in thick-rimmed glasses), you should go to Phil's BBQ.  They don't take reservations and the line is long (we waited for an hour and the line was longer by the time we left). But waiting in line when you're on a date with your husband and there is no baby is fun.  You laugh and tease the hubbs (who has terrible vision and couldn't see the menu until we were right next to it) and talk to the people in front of you. The food was awesome and as you can see, there was plenty left over for lunch the next day.

After dinner we headed to Belmont park which is a kind of run-down carnival right on the beach (the pictures on that webpage are so not up to date).  I'm sure that in the summer it's a popular place but on Friday it was cold and sparsely populated.  We had a good time wandering among the rides (we don't like to ride because both of us are pukers) and I had to walk away while we were watching some guy lose lots of money playing one of those basketball Carney games.

You should go on a date.  It will make you feel young again. And make sure that you smooch in public--it helps the mood.


  1. Thanks for your nice comment! I am pretty sure Frances talked about you on many many occasions and if you are cool enough to have Frances talking about you, well, you are up there on the cool factor, especially since you notice things like crowds of Asians in their thick glasses (which was so so so funny to me bc I noticed the same thing a couple months ago when we were in Cali.) Thanks for the encouragement and extra nice coming from someone who has actually succeeded on the journey!

  2. Isn't it amazing the different energy you have when it's just the two of you? Glad you got to go out.

  3. Awesome! Sounds like you had such a fun time. :)