Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You'll look neat upon the seat

With Claire's passing the one year mark we've embarked on all kinds of things.  We're switching from formula to milk, we're only taking one nap a day and we've started biking.

On Saturday we went on our first family bike ride.

We made it 5 miles around a local lake.  Claire's helmet kept slipping over her eyes which was the only thing that kept up from making a second round.

We're going to keep biking because next year Claire and I are going on a girls ride with Auntie Frances.
In the past Auntie Frances and I have ridden the Little Red Riding Hood (which is totally awesome) but 100 miles with the trailer or a baby in the bike seat is probably not happening.

Regardless, we'll be doing a bike ride with the ladies because we believe in being active and doing hard things for our bodies and brains.  I think it's a lesson you can't learn too early.


  1. That's really cool! I'm not a biker, but I love to walk with my kids. (It's a lot harder with three than it used to be. And so weather dependent. Spring, would you please actually get here?)

  2. So fun! I had to zoom in on the picture of you and claire to see your cute fun-buns sticking out of your helmet!

    You guys are inspiring with all your activeness!

  3. Love it Sallee. I am so glad you have used the trailer and this is definitly one of the times where I wished we lived closer so that Alexia and I could join your gals biking adventure or that our two families could go together BTW -- Jacob's helmet always fell over his eyes too when young and I too am a firm believer in learning to be active early . . .

  4. I love that you are doing this. You inspire me to be more active even when that feels pretty much impossible, (Not because Im so active that I couldnt be more so, but because Im lazy, or have a thyroid problem).

    What a great example you are to Claire. And me.