Monday, April 11, 2011

Claire's Book Club: The Perfect Pinata-La Pinata Perfecta

We loved the Perfect Pinata (La Pinata Perfecta)!  I was a little worried when we checked it out because it wasn't written in English and Spanish.  It was written in English and then translated into Spanish. But I shouldn't have feared.  The Spanish was great, the English and Spanish are side by side on the page and there are great Spanish words that don't need translations (loteria, bunuelos and mi hija--don't mind the fact that I can't figure out how to put accents in there).

The story was charming and the colors and pictures were interesting enough to keep Claire's attention.  You will love it.  Please check it out.

Next up on Claire's book club list is The Happy Egg by Ruth Krauss.  It's on a couple of "great" lists and I thought it might be perfect for Easter which is fast approaching!


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