Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Snack Time

Scene: Our house. 4:00.  Snack Time

Claire: These crackers do NOT taste good when I was just eating toothpaste

Me: Were you just eating toothpaste?

Claire: Yes

Me: Why were you eating toothpaste in the middle of the afternoon? {the ridiculousness of this question does not escape me}

Claire: I just like it

Me:  Were you eating my toothpaste or your toothpaste?

Claire: Your toothpaste.  Mine has a lid.  Yours doesn't.  If you leave toothpaste with no lid then I am going to eat it. But your lid fell in the garbage and is lost so I will eat your toothpaste.

Let's hope that the extra fluoride will help with the fact that a couple of weeks ago Claire had a bad fall on the Brooklyn Bridge and suddenly last week her smile transformed to this

Everything I've read online says that there's a good chance it will lighten up again but also a chance that it won't.  We'll see what the dentist says when we see her next week


  1. That was my laugh for the day.

  2. I love that little girl. My oldest nephew had a similar thing but it effected his permanent teeth, they just put on fake enamel and he will have to get it redone every 15-20 years.