Friday, September 5, 2014

Our First Day

We had our back to school dinner.  We (I say we but all of us know that the Hubbs sort of washed his hands of the project) had our back to school dinner.  We decided to go with something a little less sentimental than a family theme and fancy dinner.  We went with letting the kids pick dinner (mac and cheese from a box for the second day in a row), measuring them against the door frame in our bedroom, prayers said for good school years, a little pep-talk about finding the kids who don't have friends and being their friend and googly eye balls glued on rocks and delivered around the neighborhood.

Yep, that's right.  We glued googly eye balls to rocks and delivered them around the neighborhood so that kids on their way to school would find them and hopefully feel happy--a first step into helping other people. My first instinct was to subtly put them in half hidden places but Claire's technique was just to put them right in the open.  We've walked around the block to check on them since and Claire's technique was, by far, the most effective--every one of hers was taken but mine are still sitting in the grass.  The kids did insist that we leave one outside our favorite bakery.  I sincerely hope that whoever had to open the store saw it and smiled.

The first day of preschool was great.  Claire is in afternoon PreK so we started the day sitting at the front door, eating breakfast and waving at the big kids walking to the local elementary that's just at the end of the block.

Claire picked her own outfit for school and even decided she needed to do a test-run of it the day before.  It meant a little late-night laundry but it's hard to say no to someone on their first day of PreK.

I'm not excited about the 20 minute commute each way to PreK (there's no public PreK in our neighborhood) but overall I think we are going to love it.


  1. First of all, every time I see a picture of Claire lately, she looks like such a young LADY! Second, you are the queen of googly eyes! What do you use to get them to stick on the rocks? I'm totally stealing your idea.

  2. Outfit test runs are key!
    I Love, love, love the googly-eye rocks. Maybe I should leave some around my campus.