Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Most Magical Time

On Tuesday Claire's teacher called to tell us that she thought Claire was ready to start bringing home books to read.  Yesterday Claire's little backpack was stuffed full of books for her to read to me at home. We waited until a little late to start homework, so while the Hubs bathed the little kids she read to me. She breezed through 4 of the easiest level books and we worked through 4 of the slightly harder ones before I hurried her off to bed. 

She wanted to have all of her books with her in bed so she could practice again. She prayed that she would get better at reading. As I walked away after giving her a kiss I heard her whisper to herself, "I can read! I can read!"

The most magical time of the year indeed. 

And if you think that I haven't been weepy all day just thinking about it, you are wrong. I've also been weepy thinking about all the little girls just like Claire who don't get to get to go to school because they are girls. 

Malala, take all my money

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