Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Best Kind of Surprise

Did you read the comments on the last post?  These made my whole day.

  1. I love this. Your last paragraph especially. I feel like my life before was largely absent of family. I mean, I'd visit my family, but I was always secretly happy to leave and be alone again. And now, I'm never alone. This has made me think about family a lot. What do I really believe about it (husbands presiding and all that???) and how do I balance it with the time I need to be an introvert and how terrified it makes me when I consider losing him (I'm still adjusting to how much I love him. I didn't expect it) even though it feels so much harder/risky this way with all this attachment.

    It's all so weird/tricky/wonderful.
  2. Oh my gosh..."I'm still adjusting to how much I love him. I didn't expect it"...five years in, and I'm still feeling this way. It is terrifying and amazing.

    Love and healing to your family, Sallee.
    1. I'm glad it's possible long term. We're only 7 months in. I keep waiting for it to wear off, and it's not. I'm glad it doesn't have to.

I've been thinking about these ever since.  I love the line "I'm still adjusting to how much I love him.  I didn't expect it."  What I didn't expect and what still takes my breath away is how the hubbs has so fully become my family.  He is the person I turn to for comfort.  He is the person who knows me best of all--I was not expecting that.

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