Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The ungraceful pregnancy club

A couple of weeks ago my friend Claire (who is a couple of weeks further along than I am in her pregnancy) posted to her facebook page that she turned to her husband and told him that maybe she wanted three kids. She then said that she had never seen him laugh so hard.

I read the post to the hubbs and I've been thinking about it ever since and here is what I have decided.  Claire and I are very different kinds of pregnant ladies.  Both the hubbs and I want 3-4 kids (we'll see what we can afford and, as cheesy as it sounds, we'll pray about and figure out how we feel and what is best for our family) but if you asked me today how many kids we want I'd say, "One."

I am not a good pregnant lady.  I wish you could have seen me last night--propped up with 4 pillows behind my back and one between my knees, a million tissues around me because the pharmacy was closed and I couldn't get allergy medicine, penguin shaped humidifier spewing forth at my feet and to top it off I was wearing a breath right strip.  I also may have been crying because I was so uncomfortable and hormonal.

So let's not talk about how many kids we're having right now because at this point 2 might be the max and if I stop to think about labor and what is involved I'll tell you that 1 is the max.  Let's talk in 6 months when I can wear real clothes and I have hips and wrist bones again.

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  1. I love you, Sallee! Sorry you are allergy-ridden...and baby-ridden(is that politically correct to say?!). Guess what I just found out? Apparently you are still a member of the Ungraceful PREGNANCY Club well after the pregnancy...I'll welcome you on the other side wearing my maternity jeans and holding my 1 month old! Side Note: I think you are as graceful as ever. I seriously feel your pain and discomfort. ALMOST THERE, rock it out!