Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Goodbye Dear Friend

Tomorrow the  movers arrive.  Luckily I told the hubbs that we had to pay people to pack our house if we were going to move with a baby who is 5 weeks old.  He agreed which means that tomorrow I will be overseeing the packing of our house and basically making sure that the kids don't cause too much trouble and that not too many things get broken.  

Last week we had a family photo shoot scheduled with one of our friends who is enormously talented.  Then Noah got a cold.  Then Claire was getting new teeth and had a really high fever and a runny nose and then I threw my back out.  And I remembered that I'm 3 sizes bigger than I normally am and really, who wants to pay to document the beginning of post-baby weight loss and you're still wearing maternity pants?  maybe we'll have professional photos taken in January when we've settled into our new lives and I can squeeze into my real jeans.

So instead of having professional portraits we had grandma snap a few shots one evening when had 15 extra minutes (here they are pre-photo-shop.  In the tradition of being a family of 4 we missed the perfect evening light by 15 minutes.  Frankly I'm just glad we made it at all). 

Goodbye San Diego.  Thank you for the friends, the sun, the beach, the fun.

Thank you 
Thank you
Thank you

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  1. so lovely...San Diego has been a loving place for you, and we have all loved her for that...don't say "good-bye," say, "until we meet again."