Friday, October 26, 2012

Good Parent/Bad Parent

I'm thinking of starting yet another brilliant new blog--this time about highs and lows of parenting.  I haven't really worked out the kinks yet but here's a rough idea

Bad Parent:
My 2-year old cries out, moans and screams in her sleep--the scariest thing Claire has ever seen was an episode of the Mario Brother's cartoon at a friend's house.  She started crying the second Koopa walked in and they immediately turned it off.  What is it that is so haunting her dreams that she cries and cries in her sleep.

Good Parent:
This same 2-year old walks around with her baby doll (Baby Dora) tucked under her arm constantly kissing her head and telling her she is a good baby.

Here's a picture of Claire holding Dora in her baby carrier (which is actually a nursing cover)

Here's another.

Good Parent:
I'm doing a pretty good job of remembering to take pictures of baby number 2

Bad Parent:
He's already working on his Karate moves

Think about it!  We could each admit our parenting fears and the horrible things we do and then at the same time brag about the awesome job we're doing.

Quite truthfully I think it would be therapeutic.

Let's hear your best Good Parent, Bad Parent moments.

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  1. I had terrible nightmares from the time I was tiny until puberty. I had zero exposure to scary stuff until I was about 5 or 6. In fact, once I did see scary stuff, they didn't even compare to my scary dreams. I wish I knew where I got those images from.