Thursday, October 18, 2012

Just a Boring Blog Post

This is a blog post for my mom and anyone who wants to feel superior about their housekeeping skills. So try to either look past all of the random items that still haven't found homes and the dirty dishes, or focus on them and feel good about how your house looks and enjoy a few pictures of our new house.  You'll note that we don't have blinds or window coverings and we have a lot of windows.  Turns out in New York you typically have to put in window coverings every time you move.  And we don't have a couch.  Our beloved couches were getting holes so we tossed them in a San Diego dumpster before we left.  

This is the park right by our house.  It feels like a scene right out of Law and Order
Living room: Soon there will be a couch here too
A close up of our new chair. I know it's a little tacky and gaudy but if you know that then it makes it okay right? And I just love it.

Claire's play area at the back of the kitchen

Kitchen and play area

Dining area

Our room has mostly been taken over by a crib (which is way better than a having a new born take over your bed) but here is a little shot of the new rug that I am totally in love with.  Forgive the bad lighting, Noah was sleeping but the background is mostly grey.

Three bathrooms that all look like this

And the study/guest room

Life here is good.  Of course maybe I can only stay that because I'm walking around the house and pretending that wearing yoga pants counts as getting dressed.  This afternoon I saw a bald eagle soaring over our house and the leaves are just starting to change.

Not too shabby


  1. I missed the boring part. I love the place! We so miss the Matthews here in San Diego. Unlike the leaves there, not much has changed - was just 93 degrees yesterday. Hugs all around, especially to that tiniest little one of yours!!! xoxo

  2. Wearing yoga pants totally counts as getting dressed. I already thought that even before I had Max, and now that I'm expecting our second, my commitment to yoga pants has been renewed. Love your new place!

  3. 1) I don't see any messes.
    2) I adore the chair! I would have purchased it myself, had I seen it first.
    3) I wear yoga pants.
    4) Congrats on the new abode!