Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Book Club: Bring Up the Bodies


I can't tell if I am just over Henry and Ann or if this was not a great book.  I suppose I have to assume that the former is the case as I keep seeing it on "Best of 2012" lists.  But uggg.  I had a hard time finishing it.  I did find myself reading with my phone next to me so that refer to wikipedia whenever I needed.  I also found myself thinking about and feeling sorry for a populace ruled by someone who was truly crazy.  Depending on your political affiliation you might think that Bill Clinton was crazy or George W. Bush but really, these guys have nothing on Henry.  According to Wikipedia (where I get all my facts) they suspect that he truly was crazy.  That he suffered a traumatic brain injury that changed his personality and there was nothing anyone could do.  He was the supreme leader appointed by God and God would not allow him to make bad decisions.  Scary.

I'm currently reading

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking.  I'm finding it fascinating.  I feel comfortable with my own introverted tendencies but someone suggested this to me because she and I are both raising children with introverted tendencies.  This book doesn't talk (yet: I'm only 100 pages in) about how to nurture children who are introverts but I'm learning really fascinating things that I feel like will help me as a parent of someone who likes to have quiet time in her room after her friends come over to play.

I also checked out The Rehearsal by Eleanor Catton from the library last week on the suggestion of a girl with whom I went to college. She is really smart but edgier* than I am.  I'll report back when I finish.

*I know what you're thinking. How could anyone be edgier than I am?  After all, one of the people with whom I share a bedroom did wear these rocking guitar jammies to bed last night.  

And... he'll probably wear them all day too (don't mind the boogers smeered all over his face in this picture.  I swear my kids have the cold that will not go away.  We've had it since Christmas).

And a double guitar jammie pic just for good measure.


  1. "Quiet" eventually gets to nurturing introverted children. It's one of the things she feels strongly about.

  2. I am reading "Quiet" as well! My mom is an MFT and highly recommended this book!