Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Luckiest

Yesterday a totally unexpected package arrived.

It's a box of things to do indoors from our friends in San Diego.  It was accompanied by some notes and this amazing poem.

When I showed it to the hubbs after dinner he said (he may have been a little misty eyed), "You had real friends in San Diego."  And then I had to walk away because it was making me cry.

Thank you dear women.  Thank you for your strong hands and strong hearts.


  1. I am so happy for you, that you such wonderful friends watching over you. And you are lucky, because good friendships are hard to come by . . . cherish them!

  2. Mine was supposed to be San Diego in a bag but I forgot to write that down. I thought you may have put that together :). Those sand, rocks and shells are confiscated from Torrey Pines State Beach!

  3. We are lucky too, glad we crossed paths in this lifetime. If you are ever back in the neighborhood, let us know! We love you guys!

  4. Sallee: you are so loved! I'm sorry we weren't able to put something in the box, we had the stomach flu and I didn't get around to it. We sent our spirit love to Yonkers though. We miss you!