Saturday, March 22, 2014

This week

This week was a doosy.  Every minute seemed filled with responsibilities and assignements and it shows. My dishes haven't been done in 2 days and every corner of my house is filled with things that haven't been out away or that need to be mended. There are two books on the counter that need to be taped up because Noah ripped pages out of them, the fake jewels on Claire's play ring fell off and both ring and jewels are floating on the counter somewhere between the science projects and art projects we did for preschool this week.  And there are counting bears.  Oh are there counting bears. The dishes haven't been done in two days and yesterday the hubby's went to pull something out of the dryer and I hadn't turned it on--on Monday when I did laundry. Oh the stink.  

That being the state of my house i was sorely tempted this morning to send the kids to the park with their dad while I cleaned for a little while. The trouble is that this crazy week hasn't really provided for family time either.  The hubbs and I have been a little like strangers who happen to sleep in the same bed (except when the kids get scared and I sleep on the futon close to their room.). And as I looked over my flithy house I thought about that and had to make a decision about the few short hours we have together on Saturday mornings before I go to work.  I decided to let the mess lie. We grabbed a stale loaf of bread and went to the park to feed ducks and play on the slides (the hubbs is a masterful park player and always had both kids squeeling with delight when he comes with us to the park).  It was cold and Claire left saying that we should have brought more bread but I actually got to talk to my family and I got to walk along holding hands with my husband and my kids.

There isn't a right or a wrong decision in these types of situation--there are just decisions. It is what it is. Today I'm glad I picked feeding ducks with my kids (though can we say that Noah fed the ducks because he ate every piece of bread that we handed to him?).  Tomorrow when we're having guests for dinner I will probably regret it (I will be sad I didn't clean but I will be sadder that I didn't go to the grocery store--what can you do with a little bacon which is all we have in the fridge right now...we have some cheese. Bacon pizza?  It's worth a shot)

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