Sunday, May 18, 2014

Thank You

Our plea to NYC housing kharma seems to have worked. Thank you for your good thoughts and prayers. They worked. We're scheduled to close on our house on Wednesday (which gives us 1 week to move before we get kicked out of our current house).  We aren't going to be able to get work done on the new house before we move in but we won't be homeless. I can totally live with that.  

This is one of our favorite games these days. The kids and Dad run ahead of mom.  Mom is slow and normally panting because, seriously, pregnancy when your body is old and chubby is no joke.  The kids and Dad hide behind trees and fences and bushes and jump out as soon as I get close. This leaves the kids in stiches. 

And yes, Claire is wearing a tiara at the zoo.  She wore it to church today too.  This morning while wrassling myself into compression leggings I was thinking about the plight of parents. I am sure that as Claire gets older she will look at pictures of herself at this age and cringe. She dresses herself and is a careful accessorizer.  Her outfits are hilarious and often involve princess skirts and sparkly shoes she picked out herself which are wearing through at the toes. I hope that I will be able to explain, when she asks me why I let her dress the way she does, that I think {maybe by that time thought} it's more important for her to learn to make decisions for herself than it is to match and wear coordinating outfits. It is more important to me that she imagines and plays and dances. I may think that her old, ratty, corduroy skirt makes her look neglected but she thinks it makes her look like a princess. I hope the teenager Claire will agree with me that was toddler Claire thought was more important than what I thought.

And that cast comes off tomorrow. We are so thrilled because it stinks pretty bad.

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