Friday, May 30, 2014

We made it

We made it through the last week. We mostly spent the time moving and cleaning and cleaning some more (our last landlord is very particular. I used 9 magic erasers getting the walls back to white--I also realized that my kids are not as we'll behaved with crayons as I believed). 

Yesterday I told my kids that we'd had enough and even though our current house isn't very homey and there is unpacking and cleaning to do we had to start living again. So yesterday we went to the zoo just to ride te carousel and today we walked to the neighborhood park.

I don't know if I just love spring or if I love our new neighborhood but today is just sort of a perfect day. 

I also love our house. There is something to e said about having a place where my kids can be away from me and still be safe playing. Our old house was a fully open floor plan, which I know is very popular, but I just don't love. I like to be in a place where people (especially small demanding people) can have spaces away from me. 

And we have a back yard and all our door knobs look like this which always reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. What's not to love?

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