Thursday, July 24, 2014

Babies don't keep

Tonight after we out him down Noah screamed and screamed for me. In a somewhat uncharacteristic moment I walked in to snuggle him for a few minutes so he could fall asleep (those of you who have three kids have lied to me. I swear my body has given up this pregnancy).

I tried to enjoy that this little person only gets to be the baby for 10 more weeks and I stroked his cheeks and kissed his freshly bathed head. After just a minute he pointed to the floor and said, "my tape" as he started wiggling away from me. Turns out he didn't really want snuggles from his mom he just wanted his yellow measuring tape. 

That's my boy

* contents of this crib: 1 baby, 1 sippy of water, 1 book, 2 blankets, 1 Lego tower, 3 matchbox cars, 1 slinky and 1 measuring tape

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