Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Summary (part 2)

Claire started school this fall, and since he has become the oldest kid at the house for a large part of the day, Noah has become such a little chatter box.  He is so charming and funny.  There is something magic about 3--the round squishy bodies and little people inside those bodies who say the most hilarious things.  3 is one of those ages that I would bottle up if I could. 

A few conversation gems

(Walking into the nurse's office at school with Claire) 

Noah: this is my little sister.  She pulls hair.  And poops in the tub

(Walking back down the stairs after running to the bathroom)

Noah: I'm fine. it wasn't any poop.  Just gasses.

He has two new catch phrases:

1) totally awesome--he uses this to describe anything from playing at the park to the new Team Hotwheels they just put on Netflix (which is so scary for him it makes him cry, and yet he still watches it every day)

2) I'm fine-- this is used anytime he doesn't want to do anything and has a huge amount of teenage whine with it. Luckily he hasn't yet mastered the eye roll

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