Thursday, January 14, 2016


I used to wake Claire up 45 minutes before school started. She likes to take her time in the morning and I've found that 45 minutes isn't really enough. Lately I've been waking her up an hour and 15 minutes before school and we seem to be a little better off. Less stressing out about shoes and how much time she takes putzing around the house.

This morning I took a second to appreciate what a few extra minutes in the morning means to us.

Claire was brushing her teeth when Millie joined her. Claire took care of Millie all on her own.

We had our first snowfall today--just a skiff that didn't last until lunch, but it was still falling when they woke up. Claire and Noah camped out by the window to watch. Claire turned to me and said, "mom, it's just like fireflies." 

 What a perfect description 

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