Monday, April 23, 2012

Let's make it Earth Day every day!

Saturday the hubbs and I went on our long awaited whale watching cruise.  Ever since we read Moby Dick I've been a little obsessed and when there was a groupon for 50% off at San Diego Whale Watch I bought tickets for both the hubbs and I and my parents. My parents went on their tour the last time they came to visit but due to scheduling errors the hubbs and I weren't able to go until Saturday.

And we had wild success.  We saw a mamma grey whale and her baby.  We followed them for 30 min or so.  Then we moved on and saw an incredible pod of dolphins.  The naturalist on the boat thought that there were at least 1200 dolphins.  The water was literally churning.  I pulled this terrible video of the dolphins and got nothing of the whales.

The good news is that I should be able to take great video on our next whale watching vacation.  The naturalist told us that if you go to Mexico during the birthing season the baby whales will come right up to your boat and you can pet them (and, as I saw on National Geographic, hug them).

Dear Hubbs,
There are two vacations that I am dying to go on.
The Monarch Migration and

Baby Whale hugging.

Will you see what you can do?


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