Monday, April 2, 2012

Scenes from this weekend

We had a lovely weekend.

We started out with a little gardening and playing in the park on Friday.  Claire spent some time walking around the house on Friday making sure that she had all the necessary equipment that one would need for a trip to the garden (which included a gift bag, a metal lunch box and an orange sand sifter).

Then on Saturday we went to the Safari Park.  If you are in the area you need to go in the next week.  It's "butterfly jungle" season which means that there is this one amazing green house that is filled with huge butterflies of all colors.  They dart around and land on people wearing bright clothes.  Here's a video of Claire telling about how one of the butterflies landed right on her knee.

And on Sunday we spent the day watching general conference (which is a gathering of all of the leaders of our church and they speak about amazing spiritual things which is great, but getting to watch church via the internet while you are in your pajamas is perhaps the greatest part of the whole deal).  I would like to send a special thanks to Pinterest for this little number.

Seriously people, 1/4 cup finger paint in a gallon ziplock bag taped to the window (squirt it in the top corners--gravity will take care of the rest), mixed with some shapes we had lying around the house and we had 45 of quiet time.

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