Monday, April 9, 2012

Pinning away

I'm still new to the Pinterest bandwagon but every now and then I come across a real gem.  Here are my newest pinterest loves and finds.

"Never give up. No matter what is going on, never give up. Develop the heart. Too much energy in your country is spent developing the mind instead of the heart. Be compassionate, not just to your friends, but to everyone. Work for peace in your heart and in the world. Work for peace and I say again, never give up. No matter what is happening, no matter what is going on around you. Never give up."

--Dalai Lama
I'm thinking of making a t-shirt that says, "Develop the Heart."

Mom, will you make me this?  For the kid's room?

If I suddenly start crying and whining about pregnancy weight gain (or if my doctor gets mad at me AGAIN for gaining too much weight) will you just show me this?

By way of the kind of public announcement that is intended to inspire me to actually do something.  I am going to be making this dress.  I'm going to visit my family at the end of this month and this dress will be coming with me.  I figure that I can try out any kind of sewing tutorial that contains the words "eyeball it."


  1. You'll have to update us on the dress. I've definitely thought of making that one, especially since I really want new/different maternity clothes right now!

  2. That dress hasn't to be the cutest maternity dress ever. I not in the market for one for myself, but wouldn't mind helping to make some for others near(and not-so-near)and dear.

  3. What is your doctor thinking yelling at a pregnant lady for gaining too much weight? Lame. You just enjoy those cravings!