Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2 year old girl going on 12 year old boy

We just ordered the Dr Seuss beginner book series for Claire. It's 5 of Dr Seuss's simplest books.  Each of which is around 60 pages (and believe me, when you have read Green Eggs and Ham 5 times already today you feel every one of those 60 pages). That's 300 total pages.

Here is Claire's favorite page of the whole lot (which is from Hop on Pop).

At random points during the day she'll blurt out "Him hurt him bum" and then she giggles.  Sometimes she goes to find the book so that you will know what she is talking about.

I'd love to blame her obsession with the hurt bum on the hubbs but if you know me at all (or any of my siblings) you'll know that clearly comes from my side of the family.


  1. I know about reading Dr. Seuss books to kids....sometimes, just sometimes, you can get away with turning two pages at a time....you do get caught, but not always. Totally worth the effort and sneakiness.

  2. Joan -

    What an excellent idea, I am totally trying that with Claire, they only problem is she has most of the books memorized already.

  3. Now you know why the Dr. Seuss books were never my favorites. The kids, of course, LOVED THEM.