Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A New Destination

Claire and I have added a new destination to our regular daytime outings.  It's the Flying Leatherneck museum at the Marine base just down the street (don't let that website fool you.  It's WAY nicer than the museum).   You may remember that we went to the museum last year.  It's located in a triple-wide and the people who volunteer there are awesome and hilarious.

Claire likes to look at the airplanes but mostly, she likes to pick up the different colors of gravel that they have the airplanes parked on and put them in her purse. We have lots of different color rocks from the museum.

She also likes to point to the airplanes and say, "Black airplane. So cute."

Her grandpa would be so proud.

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  1. Thanks for the idea. We went this morning, and we will definitely be back. So fun! (Tomorrow they are opening some of the planes to sit in.)