Monday, June 11, 2012

If you're wondering

If you're wondering if I have avoided work for the last 45 minutes and instead spent the time looking at my favorite retailer's websites dreaming about the day that I can wear real clothes again the answer is yes.

To make matters even worse I am currently sporting skinny maternity jeans and an old button-down with the sleeves rolled up that used to belong to the hubbs (which is just about bursting at the tummy button). Not. Cute. (One thing I still can't figure out is why I think being pregnant makes it okay for me to wear skinny jeans. I would NEVER wear skinny jeans in real life.  I naturally have skinny legs and a big tummy so all I think when I wear skinny jeans is, "you look like an ice cream cone." But somehow I think pregnant ladies who look like ice cream cones are cuter than not pregnant ladies who look like ice cream cones.)

The only positive in the whole scenario is that I did find my dream diaper bag. I spotted it on one of my favorite fashion-forward new mom's at church yesterday and I've been internet stalking it ever since.

And diaper bags?  They always fit and they never make you look like an ice cream cone.

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  1. whatever happened with that adorable skirt you were making?