Friday, August 3, 2012

So when is it appropriate?...

So when is it appropriate to put yourself on bed rest?  Tomorrow I'll be 3 weeks away from baby's arrival.  Does that seem too soon?

As my current body image is a little like this (but with smaller hoots {sad})

I think it might be time.

But first I have to finish a lesson for my church group about marriage and relationships.  Marriage and relationships and honest-to-goodness I look like this.

It's going to be awesome.  Mostly I think we'll talk about how the real secret to marital success is having separate bathrooms.  Nora Ephron said that.  Nora "Friggin' I was nominated for 3 academy awards for my romantic comedies including when Harry met Sally" Ephron people--if she doesn't know a thing or two about living happily ever after who does?

Maybe we should all pray to a higher power that I go into labor tomorrow and thus save my church group from any further romantic musings.


  1. You look great! You are growing life. Plus I like your belt. And I've always liked that statue anyway. I hope your lesson went well. Sorry I don't comment more on your blog. I read it, and love it! but for some reason I can't comment on Chrome, my browser of choice right now.

  2. Sallee you look great!! Pregnancy is the only time it's cool to have a big round belly. Enjoy it while it lasts!