Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Mormon Moment

Yesterday the hubbs asked me what my newsfeed on facebook looked like after Ann Romney gave her speach.  The hubbs and I have very different newsfeeds.  The majority of his friends are conservative and so is he.  My friends, on the whole are not.  I told him, "Well, your cousin liked the speech."  He laughed and we talked a little bit about how Ann did a nice job but there were a couple of things that were missing.

And then this morning I read this blog post by Courtney Kendrick.  And it almost perfectly summed up how I feel.  I have a little girl crush on Courtney.  I envy her body acceptance and her penchant for wearing mu'umu'u's all year round and her liberal leanings that grew out of a conservative upbringing. In her post she talks about how Mormons in general have been waiting for a time of greater acceptance.  A time when the religious principles we hold so dear would be known and accepted by those outside our faith.  In general, a time when Mormon's wouldn't be seen as a peculiar people with strange practices.

With Mitt in the news many Mormons feel like this is the Mormon Moment we have all been waiting for.  A Mormon president. Courtney concludes by saying this,

"So this week, as Mitt Romney secured the nomination I waited for the almost-prophetic realization of the Mormon Moment. I waited for my heart to swell with pride and my joy to explode. I listened to Ann Romney, in her vibrant red dress and her bits of confidence praise her husband, promising I could trust him just like she trusts him. I waited for all of it to feel good to me. I listened to my fellow Mormons emote the reaction I wanted to have. But instead, it just felt more of the same.

Maybe this is someone's Mormon Moment, but it's not mine?

My Mormon Moment I suppose is more internal. It's watching our cultural practices more resemble our doctrine. It's clearing up the stereotypes we've held about women and men. It's a balancing of the female divine and the masculine order. It's holding each other accountable for our actions with firmness and love. It's about returning to simple yet strong truths taught from the beginning, truths that somehow have become muddled with culture and pedestals and unbalanced expectations.

When we can stand before the world, clear of cobwebs and secrets, holding on to the pillars of enlightenment and truth, that is my Mormon Moment, and I have absolute confidence we will get there. I am totally dedicated to the cause. And maybe I will know we've achieved something when a Mormon couple stands together at the national convention podium (maybe even the Democrat podium!) pledging their unified support and equal dedication to helping our country. Because to me, that is what Mormon marriage looks like--or should look like--now and for eternity.
I will not be voting for Mitt Romney.  That being said, I don't think he's a bad candidate.  I don't share his political beliefs which is why I won't be voting for him.

This isn't my Mormon Moment but I do feel like mine is coming. And like Courtney, I am totally dedicated to the cause.


  1. I didn't listen to the talk, but my friends who are generally conservative said,"She knocked it out of the ball park." She is more personable than he is...that's good.

  2. I like this. Thank you for saying what I've been thinking. It's very odd to have this election be so Mormon while consistently feeling like I just can't vote for him. It's making me become more clear on what I believe instead of avoiding it because its uncomfortable to not be part of the mainstream.

  3. love, love, love! Thanks, Sallee! I really appreciate who you are.

  4. "It's clearing up the stereotypes we've held about women and men. It's a balancing of the female divine and the masculine order."

    I feel like Courtney has had a bit of a feminist awakening this summer! I too, liked her post. Thanks for your comments on it.