Friday, November 9, 2012

I did it

This week I went back to the gym.  It's taken a while because there aren't any gyms in my new town where they watch kids.  Luckily I have a new friend who also likes to work out and she and I swap babysitting in the morning so we can both get a short workout.

The trouble with my new gym, Blink, (don't worry 24 Hour Fitness, I'll be back when Noah is 6 months old and he can come with me though the fact that your Bronx location {which is really close to my house} doesn't have a parking lot is going to throw a serious wrench in the works) is that it's completely no frills (which is why they only charge $15 a month).  You walk in and in half of the gym there are rows and rows and rows of cardio machines.  On the other side there are some free weights and strength machines.  That's it.  No mats, no yoga, no classes just machines and weights.

I've been running.  3 years ago I ran the Boulder Bolder 10 K and since then I haven't run more than a mile at a single time.

So....who has ideas about a training schedule or plan?  Maren? Kate?  Other ladies who have had babies and then started running and loved it?

(And just for the record I'm counting it as a major success that I did not wet my pants the first time I turned the treadmill up to a 10 min mile)

This is how ripped my legs are going to be someday


  1. I guess that depends on what you want to do? I had to have a goal or else I HATED (and I do not use that word lightly) running. I must say that even now, without a goal in site, I sort of dread it but I am pretty good at the maintenance because I worked hard to get there. That being said, I used Hal Higdon's novice half-marathon training schedule. It came highly recommended by Sydney. You could try that? But honestly, I didn't do any running on a treadmill so I'm not sure how different that would be...GOOD LUCK!!!! You are awesome!

  2. I had to put a picture of a ripped female on my fridge to make me feel bad about myself every time I go into the kitchen...that happened because yesterday I caught a reflection of myself in my "skinny jeans" in a window and they did not look skinny AT ALL.

    On a different note: good for you and your "gym-i-ness"...keep me posted!

  3. I agree. Have a goal. Sign up for a race and then go from there. Start out small, or else you'll get discouraged. Running one mile is better than not running any at all. And don't do too much at once. Work up slowly to your goal number of miles per week.

  4. Also? Rock those weights. Work on a different part of the body once a week, in addition to running. Also, feel free to look at a program like Insanity to keep your cardio going on a day that you want to spice things up-- bonus, you can totally do it at home!

  5. Sallee-

    Back when I was training for my half I wrote a post about my schedule. You can find it here-

    I also included how I modified the schedule to fit me and my schedule. I think it's awesome that your running again. I wish I could be there with you but I won't be running again for quite a few months. So enjoy it, see it as a time to focus your thoughts and clear your mind. It's the cheapest form of therapy :)