Saturday, November 3, 2012

The newest pop sensation

This summer at the San Diego Zoo there were extra entertainers for the zoo when it was open later in the evenings.  Claire loved it.  He favorites were a trampoline melodrama (the people who jump) and a small acrobatic show (the people who swing). She talks about the people who jump and the people who swing constantly still.  I had to tell her that they went home (because after labor day they weren't at the zoo anymore).  At least once a day she'll turn to me and say, "who went home?"  To which I am supposed to reply "the people who jump."  The hubbs described her obsession by saying, "This is almost like a movie where dance changes the life of an inner-city youth {this happens to be one of my favorite movie genres}.  Do we need to put her in trampoline lessons?"

Both of the performances were set to catchy pop songs.  A couple of weeks ago she asked me to sing the people who jump song.  I told her I didn't know it and out of nowhere she said, it goes "Here's my number.  Call me maybe."

I was stunned.  Of course I knew the song.  We looked it up on youtube.  And because the video isn't kid friendly I downloaded the song.

Since then we have played it over and over.  This morning we have probably already heard it 10 times.

I could not be more proud.

And though my little brother thinks she's asking me not to take a picture I think she's wanting me to take a picture.  You be your own judge.

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  1. She wanted you to take a picture. They always want you to take a picture...This is amazing. How did she even remember that song????????