Thursday, February 7, 2013

A bored person is a boring person

Growing up, if we ever scampered into my mom's room and managed out in a whine, "Mom, I'm bored." My mom would say, "a bored person is a boring person."

Bad news mom.

I think I'm a boring person.

Not because I'm bored.  I'm not.  I'm busy and active I just fear that I have become boring.  We don't have a TV (this is only because we are cheap.  We still watch lots of TV we just do it on the internet) so I don't watch the news.  My knowledge of current events comes from facebook, yahoo and the occasional perusal of the BBC iphone app.

Earlier this week I invited a friend from story-time over to our house for lunch and a play date (in mom speak this is the equivilent of having a new friend from school come over to your house.  Right now Anna and I are library friends but not real friends.  The house invite is a major step.).  Right after I did it I sent out an email to 5 other women from my church group asking if they wanted to join us because I am petrified that if Anna came over we would have nothing to talk about and then she would know that I am boring.

Just to prove my point here is a quick list of things that I could talk about

1. After a miserable attempt at creme brulee a couple of weeks ago I turned to the source that I should have turned to from the beginning--Cooks Illustrated.  Did you know that the creamiest custard are made "cold combine?"  The heating up of the cream to gently cook the eggs is a big fat lie. And vague explanations of cook it until the center is set but not firm?  Nope.  170-175 on an instant read.  Bam!

2. In church we're learning a song about how beautiful the world is and how we are so thankful to God for that.  The song's a little dated (whenever I touch a velvet rose? Pu-lease) so I had the kids draw illustrations and we're making our own verses that are mostly about jumping rope, the pool and the beach.

3. The cold weather and the best times to go to McDonald's in order to use the playplace and actually find other kids there who are 3-4 (the answer is between 11 and 2 on weekdays).

4. My love of wireless headphones. My dad gave the hubbs some wireless headphones 2 Christmas' ago. I didn't really understand how amazing they were until just a couple of weeks ago.  Being able to watch TV while you do the dishes?  Total Dream.

5. Hilarious things my kids say.  Last week Claire colored all over everything.  Her bed.  The walls. The carpet.  While cleaning up I turned to her and said, "I am very frustrated."  She thought for a second and said, "Do you think and Diet Coke would help?"  Why yes Claire, I do think a diet coke would help.

6. Tantrums and how you deal with them.

7. Menu planning and how we're spending $600+ a month on food around here!  And I cook.  Everyday. Maybe we should change this topic to how crazy expensive it is.

8. Best Thing about New York. Full-fat mozzarella.  Whoever thought of part-skim was no friend of mankind.

Things I can not talk about.

1. The Mindy Project.  Because I'm wayyyyyy behind.

2. Downton Abbey. Also behind.

3. Current events.

4. Recent conversations I've had with adults.

5. New books.  Because I'm so slow getting through them all the adults I know have already heard about the ones I'm currently working on.



  1. if it makes you feel any better the most exciting thing to happen to us lately is that Ellie is obsessed with Beyonce. She calls her "be bouncy" and is trying to learn the single ladies dance. it is awesome.

  2. The most exciting thing around here is that we bought a mini-van. That's telling isn't it... I am however in love with the big ol' thing. By the way all of your "boring" topics were super interesting to me, so either I'm boring too or your not as boring as you think. Love you!

  3. Totally Agree With Nellene. I Found Your Topics Very Interesting. Not Sure Why My Phone Is Capitalizing Every Word...