Thursday, February 28, 2013

A little too realistic

Every 10 days or so we have a day here that's sunny and above 45.  In order to maintain sanity I've decided that anytime one of those days comes around we have to go to the zoo.  It's 10 minutes to the zoo from my driveway (this, of course, does not include the 45 minutes it takes to gather up snacks, bags and winter gear, follow proper protocol with door opening {Claire opens the door and I hold it while she then opens the screen.  If you do not follow this protocol your exit time has just doubled because you are then carrying 2 kids down to the car and one of them is weeping and wailing} and herd two kids into their car seats).  

The Bronx Zoo is amazing.  It's huge and scattered with building from the early 1900s which were the zoo's first exhibits.  And there is the grouchiest, loudest sea lion.  I feel sorry for the other sea lions that have to live with him but it's funny if you don't have to live with him. 
Watching the seals

I will say that the life-like wide open exhibits at the zoo are maybe just a little too life-like for me.  The zoo is pretty heavily wooded and sometimes it feels...well...a little spooky. 

Take this for example.

Walking along a lovely wooded path

the path turns and you head up a little hill

And right at the top of the hill there are two grizzly bears. 
Now those grizzlies were in their enclosure and everyone was safe.  It's just when their enclosure looks so much like the surrounding area it's easy to remember the natural order of things and know that technology may have put you at the top of the food chain but alone in the woods you are way closer to the bottom.

Maybe it's time to invest in some mace just for my own peace of mind.

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