Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stew Leonard's

Yesterday the cold that Noah has been nursing since Christmas took a turn for the worse--hacking cough, raspy voice and slight fever.  We went to the doctor and he ruled out an ear infection or strep throat.  He told us that second babies normally have two colds a month (meaning that there are only a few clear days) all winter long and really all we could do is use the humidifier, have him sleep at a slant, keep him eating and pray for spring.

Winter days stuck in the house with a sick little baby are totally depressing.  Today we had to cancel our play date (Claire's favorite play date of the week so I didn't mention that we were skipping it) because trying to take a baby with a hacking cough to a play date can get you nasty nasty looks.  But do you know where they don't give you nasty looks if you are walking around with baby who has a hacking cough?  The crazy grocery store with animatronic displays (Sarah Jones stop reading right now) and $2 ice cream cones.

Stew Leonard's is the most terrifying place I have ever been.  It's not like any other grocery store.  There are no isles--just a labyrinth-like wander from one end to the other, the highest prices I have ever seen, and the scariest singing people an animals above the displays.  Chickens singing "Old MacDonald" above a case full of raw chicken?  Scary.
That flame-like projection at the bottom of the picture is Noah's hair--that's what happens when you are pushing a cart and trying to take pictures while your baby is in his carrier

But Claire loves looking for the buttons to push that make them sing and it's winter people. Freaking winter and my baby has had a cold for nearly 2 full months.  We will stoop as low as we need to in order to prevent cabin fever--or at least keep it at bay. (3 out of the last five days she has never gotten dressed.  Just switched from one set of PJs to another)

Oh.  And guess who sits on his own now?


  1. I've totally been there. Loved it.

  2. Oh, Noah! You're so sweet and studly and sitting up and snuggley! I yurve you.

  3. Grocery Store of Much Wonder. The kids are entertained because, well, it looks amazing! (Also: Go Noah with your sitting up and being cute!)

  4. Um....that. Is the scariest store I've ever seen.
    Noah is beyond adorable.