Monday, December 2, 2013

Sort of Thankful

We went to Boston this weekend to spend Thanksgiving with the Hubb's brother and his family.  It could have been a really good trip.  Could have.  If I would have remembered to put my bag in the car.  So I wore the same thing, for 3 days, had no clean underwear and if you're bugged that stores are open I am part of the problem--CVS thank you for providing deodorant and a tooth brush.  Target, if you would have been open on Thanksgiving I would have stormed the doors and bought socks, underwear and a whole slew of new clothes.

Then, to add insult to injury I started my period.

Can we just forget this Thanksgiving ever happened?
Claire racing ahead at the Minute Men National Monument

Lots of dress ups

Making the center pieces

Snuggle time

Claire and A becoming a junior rangers at the National Monument

Not that I'm not thankful--I'm just more thankful when I have clean underwear.


  1. I'm horrified reading this! Sallee!!! Seriously I'd be pissed & most likely blame Ben for rushing me. I miss seeing your face! Sucks that you started your period as well! Thanks for posting this! We all have crappy holidays sometimes. Hope your Christmas turns out MERRY & BRIGHT!

  2. I'm sorry I was giggling at your unfortunately sad tale... I do love you, though. :) I hope you chose to change your unders 3 times in one day just to compensate!