Tuesday, November 26, 2013

So....I have a job now.

Last night I went in for training at my new job.  That's right--I have a job.  Ten hours a week working at the tutoring center at Mercy College (nights and evenings only).

I am so psyched about it.

Everything about going to work for a couple of hours felt perfectly natural and after a 3+ year hiatus I am glad to be back (though I will tell you that I have forgotten how to dress business casual {hence the all black outfit}).  The hubbs is so great about it and even worked out his schedule to come home a little early on the days when I have to go in.

And the kids didn't suffer having their dad put them to bed.  This morning they were back to their regular antics.

**I know that the mirror selfie is out but seriously--it's just so much easier.  So I'm just going to buck the trend--mirror selfies until I get a new phone (so not very soon)


  1. Yeah Sallee! I'm happy for you - you seem excited about the job. I just want to let you know that I'm still following your blog and looking to you as a role model of how I'd like to parent my kids someday. I can't believe how big Claire is now.