Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Leaving the house

Have you seen this video?  I'm blogging from my phone (yes I know how crazy that sounds) so I can't embed the video but it's a British comic telling the world what having kids is like.

After you watch it come back and look at this poor picture of Noah. 

Here he is in his coat eating a marker because after I had them all coated up and ready to run an errand Claire (who swore up and down she did not need to use the potty before I made her sit down) decided this was the perfect time to take her sweet time working on her business. She'd been in there at least 15 minutes and told me she had at least 2 more poopies to go.  Poor Noah was, meanwhile, overheating and snacking on markers.

Ahh.  Kids.

And here are some other random pics from the week
See anything wrong there?  I walked into my closet to grab my red sneakers and the knot the laces are in was (okay still is) at least 2 inches long 

I love kid art.  This is a picture of Claire holding hands with her baby doll, Dora

Thanksgiving center pieces. 

Going for a walk

And both of the kids working on building a dam with sticks and rocks (this is a game their dad taught them though generally the hubbs is a dam purist and doesn't allow sticks in the dams he makes)

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  1. The "kid art" looks strangely sinister though perhaps that is a Rorschach Test.