Friday, November 22, 2013


Let's just pretend that you're at the library and your kids haven't had their hair combed, their clothes don't match (your 3-year old at this point in the season is still sporting shorts and t-shirts though this particular day she settled for a long sleeve shirt from last season that showed a fair amount of belly) and a fair amount of breakfast is still on their faces.  Now pretend that your little boy has just mowed over an impeccably dressed toddler--her sweater alone cost more than my whole outfit put together (and was most likely not purchased on ebay) and her nanny (a beautiful woman with a Jamaican accent) laughs it off the bowling over and then smiles and says, "oh, are they yours?"

You may look over at your kids and think, "who are these homeless-looking, rag-muffin little people and why are they running around the library?"

Going home and deciding to take matters into your own hands by cutting your toddler's hair while he thrashes over the bathroom sink is not going to help...

...because then they will just look like rag-muffin kids with bad pompadours.

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