Saturday, November 16, 2013

I'm back

A couple of days ago (**warning that in my family 'a couple of days ago' can mean anything from yesterday to 5 years ago--in this case it was at least 2 weeks**) the hubbs picked up my phone to look at something and somehow ended up looking at my pictures.  He was fascinated looking at the screen and said, "I haven't seen any of these."  We then talked for just a minute about how since I hadn't blogged in a while he hadn't seen the pictures of the things we do every day.

Sorry hubbs.  I have all kinds of excuses (not the least of which being that we hooked my computer up to the TV while it was in the living room accommodating all of the guests that we've had in the last month) but they aren't really important now.


On with the show.

We loved the fall weather here.

Claire throwing pixi dust at the park

We had a good Halloween

Claire's pumpkin--she drew, I cut.

Enjoying the spoils of trick-or-treating

We created.

A picture of Claire and her dad going to Home Depot to do craft projects

making wrapping paper for a birthday party

Following treasure maps

making lego creations at LegoLand
We played
The crown I ordered for Claire's fairy costume (which she did not use because she made a more beautiful one) was actually a mermaid crown and gave her magical powers.

We took a subway ride for about a million hours to go to the Staten Island Ferry.  Soooo not worth it.

We also went to the Hamptons with my parents (except the hubbs--he was traveling for work)

The house we stayed at (which belongs to a friend from high school who sooo generously let us stay there) had this awesome coffee table which turned into an incredible train table.

And basically just had a good time.

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  1. Oh, I am SO glad you're back, Sallee! I just texted Claire the other night to ask if she knew whether something was wrong with you, as you hadn't posted in so long. Perhaps this is TMI, but your blog keeps me company while I'm pumping milk at work, and it's always so nice to see an update a couple of times a week. xoxo! Agnes