Saturday, November 16, 2013

A trip to the big city

This week the hubbs heard about a running store on the upper-east side that was going out of business.  He wanted to go check it out and see if he could get a good deal on running shoes. He thought we should all drive down to check it out.

I thought that was a terrible idea and I told him how it would just correlate to me taking care of two wild kids in a cramped Manhattan store or endlessly driving around looking for parking.

I may have whined a little.

Or a a lot.

And I just need to publicly say that I was so wrong.  The weather was perfect and we had a practically perfect afternoon in the city.  I have also been converted to driving to the city.  Parking on the weekend was $15 for up to 12 hours (which is still crazy but oh well--it's New York) which is the same price as a train ticket and this way our kids napped in the car and we were in control of when we left (instead of being at the mercy of the train schedule).  It was also faster--30 minutes from parking to our front door.

The kids and I went to Dylan's Candy Bar while the hubbs picked out his running shoes.

So you see that face?  That is how exciting the candy bar is.  

The candy bar was made even more exciting when she and her dad went back to check if they had his favorite kind of British candy bar and she talked him into buying her this lollipop with her name on it.

We walked around Central Park and stopped by the zoo.

And stopped by the Billy Johnson playground.

And then we went to Subway for a late lunch.  Some of you may be scoffing that we went to a chain restaurant when all of the Upper East Side was before us.  But people, chain restaurants in Manhattan offer food my kids will eat, bathrooms and enough room that when my kids throw goldfish they don't hit anyone. Everybody wins.

I also captured this video of the new walker.  About a week ago Noah started walking and he could not be more pleased about it.

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  1. That video of Noah could be an EXACT clone of w. Just started walking 2 weeks ago with his finger constantly in his mouth like that - his first molar popped through this week.