Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Picture Recap

We had an awesome holiday season.

And here is a totally random sampling of photos.

Some of our favorite friends were in NY on the 23rd and we all went to the Natural History Museum.  Piper was wonderful--it was like having an awesome babysitter come to play.

Temple Square

Using the air popcorn popper without it's top on New Year's Eve

Making a tremor at the Utah Museum of Natural History

This is basically what mornings looked like at my parent's house: Chips, pajamas and Netflix

Claire saw a candy card on Pinterest while we were looking for gift ideas for dad and she knew right away it was wanted to get her dad

Isn't my sister lovely?

My mom planned a flannel board story for Christmas Eve.  It went pretty much exactly like I thought it would.  Two girls fighting over the angel and Noah stealing all the other characters.

Since then we've been staying busy.

A new member of the Duck Dynasty?

Luckily we discovered these (which are a game-changer)

and we are streaming the Soundtrack to Frozen almost constantly (because, let's face it--it's awesome) so the frozen temperatures haven't been too bad.

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