Wednesday, January 29, 2014

For 2023

I've started compiling a list for me in the year 2023--the year Claire turns 13.  Last week I took a group of teenagers to a dance.  And don't worry, I used all of my most humiliating dance moves to taunt those that didn't want to dance.  After sufficient harm had been done (and the majority of them had accepted the challenge to dance with one person whose first or last name started with a J or an R.) I found a quiet place to do some work that I had been putting off.

Going to the dance was fun and horrifying all at the same time.  It also served as a reminder as to just how moody and difficult teenagers could be.  Wowsers.    So that very day I started compiling a list of things to love about my kids because starting in 2023 things are probably going to be a little moody around here and right now things are sometimes hard but mostly hilarous. Here's a little snippit of the list I've collected about Claire.

*{Yelling from the Bathroom after a huge fart} "Did you guys hear that?!?  That was loud.

* {Sitting down next to some teenage boys who were watching basketball on TV} "My dad loves this show!"

* Her current favorite figure of speech is "Sound like a plan?"  She'll propose some kind of action like "Let's go to the library this afternoon.  Sound like a plan?"

* {At a pretend picnic on the living room floor} "I packed these necklaces just in case there's an emergency and we need to be fancy."

We do a lot of Fancy around here.
Noah's fancy is wearing Claire's pink sneakers from last summer


  1. GENIUS. And yes, isn't it terrifying how moody the teenage world is?! When I taught seminary at 5 IN THE MORNING it was pretty darn interesting. Love Noah's shoes, too. :)

  2. I'm with Nathan. . . in love with all of you.

  3. I'm with Nathan. . . in love with all of you.

  4. Teenagers. It is a Brave New World over here, Sallee!