Tuesday, January 21, 2014


The kids toys have slowly been encroaching over the whole house for the last few months. It's one of the tricky parts about living in a smaller apartment (I have to say smaller because my NY and San Diego friends would say our apartment is big while anyone who lives anywhere else in the US would laugh); we don't have a space specifically set aside for kid toys except for their bedroom.  And they share a bedroom so there isn't a ton of space in there.

Luckily at church on Sunday someone walked up to me and asked me if I needed a toy organizer.

I did.

So yesterday the kids and I organized toys  We took toys from all over the house and found space for them in their room.  We thought about categories and sorting and I threw away nearly a million small, cheap plastic toys (like the kind that come in gift bags) while they weren't looking.

This is the result.

You're probably thinking, "so let us look at your new living room now that it's cleared of all of the kid stuff"

And.  Bam.

Like I said, they still have a small room which they share.  For honesty sake I should probably mention that there is a toy kitchen against the wall that you can't see and this is what is happening behind the couch.  It might be a long long time before this family can actually get rid of toys in the living room.

And this is what happened when their dad got home.  Kid Sushi.


  1. Poor Dylan's "big" Christmas present was a toy organizer just like that. Sadly my house is still over run by toys.

  2. Looks great! Your apartment is super cute by the way. Every so often I go through the kids toys and put about half of them in the attic. I do it while they are sleeping so they don't know I'm doing it. Then the next morning I expect them to freak out...but they have never even noticed and suddenly they play with their toys so much better because they can actually see what's there. It's magical. Kind of like Santa but backwards.