Thursday, October 20, 2011

Killing the Blues

Do you ever have one of those days?  Maybe you're bloated or maybe you ate 1 (or 5) too many candy bars yesterday but all of the sudden you just kind of hate your body?  And maybe there's nothing in particular that sets it off.  Maybe you didn't feel great about your body yesterday but it's more than that today--the critic in you seems just seems to be extra ruthless today.

Ok, for me it was the candy bars.

Even though you may think that staying in bed and eating your own weight in jellybeans is going to be the best fix, it's not.  That's only going to make it worse.  Trust me.  Really.

The good news is after 32 years on this earth I have come up with a couple of no-fail fixes.

Take Care of Your Eyebrows--I'm not really an organized enough person to have a regular eyebrow maintenance schedule.  But it  makes such a difference. There is nothing that opens up your face and makes you look polished like waxing your eyebrows.  If you're not a waxer, that's fine.  Use a pencil, define those bad boys. Take five minutes--you won't be sorry.  Don't know how to do eyebrows?  This site is a must. And here are some printable stencils.

Floss--There is noting like that super clean feeling you get from flossing to help cure the blues.  It also helps me feel like I'm doing my part--the dentist asks me to floss and I may not do it every day but when I do it I feel like I've done my part.

Wear cute shoes--I don't do 4-inch heels and pointy toes very often and I certainly don't do them when I'm depressed.  Ballet flats.  Something shiny and frilly (with a wide-leg jean).

Count your blessing--I mean, Monday could have started out with this being the view out your window (have we ever talked about my fear of bed bugs?  Lets just say it's on a heightened state of alert)

and Thursday the view to your window could have been this little nudist practicing her gymnastics after a shower.

**Today Claire and I went to Walmart to fill a prescription.  Half-way through our trip Claire had a poopy eruption which prompted a crying eruption.  A loud one.  And there's something about the design of Walmart--it echos.  Lots.  As we were running to the bathroom (garnering stares) we passed one of our neighbors who is several months pregnant.  I waved (of course, she looked our way because we were being so noisy everyone did) and remembered that even though pregnancy is yucky going to the store with a baby inside is 100x better than going with one outside.


  1. Looks like you and I are on the same page. I was having the same kind of morning-the one where you slip on a pair of pants that used to be on the bigger side and now their so tight you can't even do the button up. Fun times.

    I think I may take your advice and go shape my eyebrows tonight.

  2. Ha ha - That was awesome! Thanks for the advice Sallee :) I've always heard of these store melt downs from various friends but I haven't really seen it, so it just made me giggle (probably not as funny for you). I'm just glad I was at the right place, at the right time.

  3. I hear you on the candy cars. Those little Halloween snack size Twix are bastards! But man, how I love those little bastards. Yum.

  4. There is something about Walmart and kids. Samuel does pretty good in other stores but we have rarely been able to finish our shopping at Walmart with out a total melt down. I honestly think that it's something about the way it is designed, the messiness and business just makes him loose his mind.